Overhead glazing, for example skylights, glass roofs, canopies and ceilings.

Places where safety is necessary like schools, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, public walkways, hospitals, libraries, museums, churches, airport terminals, residence, apartment building , sports stadiums, shower screens, entrances, side panels and partitions.

High security places, for example banks, teller and drive through windows, ticket windows, gas stations, currency exchanges, armored vehicles, jewelry shop and burglar resistant showcases.

Places that requires total security system to provide an effective physical barrier between inmates, patients or animal and the out side. Typical applications include animal observatory windows, aquarium, correctional facilities , jails, psychiatric hospitals, police stations and other high security applications such as embassies, control centers and sensitive research centers.

Decorative cladding in application like building facades, structural glazing, insulting glass units and wall claddings.

Product Specification
Glass Thickness 6.38mm - 80.5mm
Standard PVB Thickness 0.38mm,0.76mm,1.52mm
Standard PVB Colours Clear, Blue-green, bronze, grey , translucent white and opaque white (Special colour and pattern available with our VANCEVA range of interlayers)
Maximum Size 2500(w) * 6200mm(H)
Minimum Size 300(w) * 300mm(H)

Durasafe can have combinations with the following types of glass
  • Clear float (Tempered/Heat Strengthed glass)
  • Tinted Float (Tempered/Heat Strengthed glass)
  • Heat Absorbing Float (Tempered/Heat Strengthed glass)
  • Heat Reflecting Float (Tempered/Heat Strengthed glass)
  • Low Emissivity Float (Tempered/Heat Strengthed glass)
  • Ceramic Frit patterned glass(Tempered/Heat Strengthed glass)
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